We have a unique range of speciality honey's to choose from, including Apple, Elderberry, Sticky Toffee pudding and many, many more. This is a product we have been developing over the past 12 years with a growing number of naturaly flavoured honey to choose from.

  • All 227g each  £4.50

Our small selection of traditional and unique marmalade are mostly made using old Cumberland farm house recipies, which have been developed with the inclusion of honey. In this range we have an orange and honey marmalade jelly for those who prefer a peel free marmalade.  We also offer a lemon marmalde, which isn't a traditional marmalade beacause as a business we try to be different with our products to differ from most other mass produced marmalade's and honey's.

£3.00 per  227g

Mini Pots.

Our Mini selection is aimed at hotels and bed & breakfast's as a great alternative to the norm, but is also a great way for those of you who aren't particulaly sure about which flavours you would like, or wether you would like a flavoured honey at all.

We are also able to personalise all our products for the use of  Wedding Favours, or just that little bit extra special gift.

  • £4.00 each

Speciality Honey.


Pure Honey.

And for all you honey fan's who prefer your honey as it comes, we offer a selection of pure honey including a Blossom, Wild Flower and Bell Heather honey.

  • £5.00      227g


We also carry a small range of Jam's and jellies, honey Toffee, Rum Butter, Ginger Butter, Irish Cream Butter.

you will also find a variety of Herb Honeys not forgetting our ever popular Garilic Honey


Please watch for further product updates